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Enjoy hundreds of unlimited on Demand FitSteps® routines PLUS livestreamed classes with your favourite FitSteps® Presenters! Suitable for all ages & abilities and without the need for a partner, start dancing yourself fit today! Try for FREE for 14 days!

Starting at $ 9.99 /month.


Why FitSteps® on Demand?

FitSteps® combines the graceful steps of the Ballroom with the Up Tempo steps from the Latin dances to give you an all over body workout. Burn up to 750 calories per 45 minute workout and tone and sculpt your body with our toning routines.

Developed by Strictly Come Dancing Pro's and Britains most sucessful Swimmer, you get the best of both worlds with authentic dance steps designed to get your feeling fitter and healthier!

Whether you like to workout at a time that suits you or join us for a LIVE class, there is something for everyone.

Try a Waltz & Salsa for free before beginning your trial to see what it's all about!
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Getting Fit with FitSteps® on Demand couldn't be simpler

The choice is YOURS! Choose by dance style, workout length, presenter and much more.

Access to hundreds of FitSteps® routines On Demand

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No contract, cancel anytime

So are you ready to DANCE? It's time to get Fit with FitSteps® On Demand!
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Want to know more about FitSteps®? Not only can you workout & learn to dance at home but there are also thousands of instructors running live classes & virtual classes for you to take part in.

Check out the clothing in our shop too so you can look the part!

Love FitSteps®? Why not join us at one of our live events or train to become an instructor?

Why people LOVE FitSteps®

Don't just take our word for it, see the impact FitSteps® on Demand is having for yourself

I use FitSteps OD alongside my main class. It has also helped me lose and maintain my weight. I love the live classes every Tuesday & Thursday! I used to dance when I was younger and thanks FitSteps OD I have now found it again! I love that any age/ability can do it!


I love that I can learn all the steps without a partner & I’m keeping fit! I love the Tutorials, classes with different instructors and the live classes. FitSteps has helped me keep physically & mentally fit. I would recommend FitSteps to anyone who wants to dance whenever they want.



I was morbidly obese and the prospect of attending classes with other people filled me with horror. I began FitSteps sessions at home and completely overhauled my life. FitSteps On Demand is the most amazing exercise that I have found and the only one I have ever stuck to!


The tutorials with Natalie gave me the confidence to try full routines and I now ‘pick and mix’ instructors and routines. Although I do have my favourite ‘go to’ sessions. My main goal was to have fun but I have lost half a stone! My balance has improved and my body has toned up incredibly!


Which Plan is Best for You?

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14 day free trial, $9.99 USD monthly thereafter

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